7/15/2007 Beacon of Immortality’s effect counts as life gain (or life loss, if the life total was negative) for effects that trigger on or replace life gain (or life loss).For a player’s life total to become 10, what actually happens is that the player gains or loses the appropriate amount of life. For example, if the targeted player’s life total is 4 when this ability resolves, it will cause that player to gain 6 life; alternately, if the targeted player’s life total is 17 when this ability resolves, it will cause that player to lose 7 life. Other cards that interact with life gain or life loss will interact with this effect accordingly.:) I glad you asked.I love deck building and finding interactions between cards, I stumbled upon this while I was play testing a “Phelddagrif group hug/tough love” deck that has lots of effects that benefit the table, but enough removal to keep people from winning the game.

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