LOUIS COUNTY, MO Sunday afternoon around 4:40 pm a North St. Louis County police officer was shot and killed. The officer, Mike Langsdorf was shot inside Clay Food Market located in 6200 block of Page Avenue. Kinda explains that beautiful scouse accent hahahaha. But I really do love my adopted city. Had the pleasure of visiting a few years back (including a 2 2 draw with Bournemouth) and loved every inch of the place honestly.

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replica hermes belt uk UGH i literally CAN with beck this episode. She already been such an annoying cliche since the beginning, but this ep she was over the top gross. KNOWING that her ex is in a new, loving relationship, she tries to secretly chat with him, give him bedroom eyes, flirt with him relentlessly?? like wtf she KNOWS how much power over him she has and she takes advantage of it just to fulfil her selfish desire of needing someone to “save” her and put her out of her own mess/misery. replica hermes belt uk

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